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Add Player

In order to add people, you must either go view their profile first so they are on your recent player list, or sign in and add them to your favorites!


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Welcome to our Live Tracker!

The purpose of this tool is to constantly refresh your ranks and stats while you play, so that you can see your progress and the progress of your team.

Step 1: Click Add player. You can add players who you've recently viewed, or sign in and pick from your favorites list!

Step 2: Profit! You can optionally click settings to choose compact mode, to make more screen space.


When you start using the tool, we store your current stats. As you play, we compare those stats to when your session began and show you the change. Ready to start a new session? Hit the "New Session" button!

Refresh Intervals

Your stats will automatically update every {{ (refreshDelay / 1000) }} seconds. You can manually trigger it, but it's best to let it work on a timer.