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Did the free-to-play date get leaked?

The free-to-play transition to the Epic Games Store has been teased the entire summer. Was the exact date just leaked today?

Rocket League's free-to-play (FTP) release date has to be the most anticipated periods since the game's birth in 2015. The title will release on the Epic Games Store for free on PC and will be identical to all other platforms

At the beginning of the summer, Psyonix gave a vague approximation for when FTP would be implemented. "By the end of summer," a spokesperson said via the official Rocket League blog

As we get closer and closer to September 22nd, the last day of summer, players are more and more eager to hear more details about when the big update will happen

Today, Reddit user u/Sam_Wise_Guy pointed out a potentially huge leak coming from Nintendo's end. When searching for Rocket League on the Nintendo platform, Google's cache shows the following metadata from the Japanese developers

Nintendo caught up to the mistake within a few hours and removed the exact launch date. The metadata now reads "This Summer" instead of "SEPTEMBER 23"

The FTP expansion is quite important for all Rocket League players, for different reasons. Some are excited for the new content promised while others care more for the added cross platform connectivity

Last month, Rocket League announced an account linking feature that would revolve around the Epic Games ecosystem. Here's a mock up of that design:

A broader implication of the account linking system is the trading economy. Players will effectively be able to trade cross-platform once this update drops

Barring restrictions on ultimate credits, Esport tokens, some DLC's and platform exclusive items, you'll have the ability to link multiple accounts from separate platforms and trade all compatible items on either

The only major caveat is that you can't directly trade with users on other platforms. Trades must be initiated from the same platform as your partner

What to expect

The coming weeks are going to be very hectic, but in an exciting way for the Rocket League community. Regardless if September 23rd comes out to be the actual launch date, we can already taste the next big chapter for Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars :)

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