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Fresh lineup of fan rewards returns to Rocket League

Check out the new variation of fan rewards you can receive from the Rocket League Twitch stream

The Rocket League Twitch stream accrues tens or even hundreds of thousands of viewers at any given time. Why? While some are interested in the sophisticated car-ball Esport, others are in it for the sweet, sweet cosmetics

For the past few years, Rocket League ran a successful joint venture with Twitch to help boost the competitive viewing numbers. Players who link their Twitch and Rocket League accounts will, at random, receive various drops for absolutely free

The drops you can get are dependent on the rotating loot pool Psyonix provides for each tournament. With RLCS X Fall making headwinds despite the strictly online format imposed by COVID-19, players are showing up to the streams in droves

New Drops

The drops were announced yesterday in advance of the EU circuit

The new drop pool is as follows:

  • Big Splash - Goal Explosion
  • Ballistic - Goal Explosion
  • Ninja - Wheels
  • Emerald - Wheels
  • Helios - Boost
  • RLCS Dominus - Decal
  • Hustle Brows - Topper
  • Crown - Avatar Border
  • RLCS Octane - Decal
  • RL Esports - Player Banner

The most notable return is the Helios boost which is widely considered a fan favorite. Despite the low odds, the RLCS Helios drop comes in all color and certification variants

If you are one of the lucky few who are able to get the coveted White Helios, aftermarket traders are willing to pay upwards of 24,000 credits (according to RL.Insider)

If you were to purchase 24,000 credits from the in-game store, the bill would run you over $200. Even if you're absolutely disinterested in the Esports side of Rocket League, running a muted Twitch tab in the background is akin to a "free scratch off"

The process for linking your account is incredibly streamlined thanks to Twitch integration. Follow the steps at Rewards.RocketLeague.Com to ensure you're name is entered in the mix

"Preview the latest items below! Fan Rewards are available on all Rocket League Championship Series, Rival Series, and Collegiate Rocket League streams on Twitch!"

Scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll be able to see the full collection of drops

Make sure to tune into RLCS X North America & Europe this weekend! Rocket League Twitch


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