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Rocket League Represents Pride Month With New Bundle

Enter the rink in STYLE!

In an exciting new update, Rocket League players can now soar to new heights with the Rise Beyond Bundle available beteween June  8 and July 4. This remarkable collection of in-game items promises to enhance your gameplay while showcasing your individuality.

For those seeking a touch of celestial elegance, the Angel Wings: Multichrome Topper is the perfect choice. Its mesmerizing design will turn heads as you navigate the Rocket League arena, spreading love and awe in your wake. Embrace your inner leader with the Rise Rollers Wheels, which not only provide seamless maneuverability but also assert your dominance on the field.

Never miss an opportunity to express your identity with the Rise Beyond Player Banner as well as the Rainbow Icon Player Title. These pride-themed adornments allow you to celebrate diversity and inclusivity on any ride. Let your presence be known and your values shine through as you make your mark in every match.

Of course, no gaming session is complete without an immersive soundtrack. Rocket League Radio has got you covered with four brand-new songs that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Blast your speakers and lose yourself in the rhythm of Fall by SKYLER, u want me by Godlands, Safer Place featuring LUX by Carola, and Work My Body by Carola.

If you're interested in the stats and leaderboard information for Rocket League, then check out our official tracker site for the game!

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