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Rocket League Tracker App Upgrades & Epic Support

Epic Games IDs support and many more updates for the Rocket League Tracker PC App!

After releasing the new Rocket League Tracker in-game app back in August last year, we released a dozen more updates. Now, we are happy to open 2021 (sort of) with Epic Platform support and a massive upgrade to the app. That includes a bigger window for an easier overview, second monitor support, and more.

Full Changelog:

  • Profiles of Epic Game Store users are fully supported now.
  • It is possible to get information about playlists in previous seasons now.
  • We fixed an issue when the match history was not available for some new users.
  • The full-size window is now available on desktop and in the game lobby. It provides more lifetime stats and a better overview of your progress in comparison to the compact window.
  • It is now possible to switch the app's main window to a second monitor before or after a match.
  • The compact window on the left side of the screen is now available only during a match and only provides information about teammates and opponents.
  • New settings have been added to allow disabling some in-game features, such as a hotkey reminder.
  • The important information about the application is now available on the App Info page.
  • Numerous under-the-hood and UI improvements.

You can learn more about the PC app here. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback in the comments or talk to us on Twitter.


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Premium users don't see ads.Upgrade for $3/moUpgrade for $3/mo
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