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Rocket League x Monstercat remixes arrive later this month

Some of the best Rocket League x Monstercat beats are coming back later this month

Rocket League is one of the few games you actually keep or even turn up the music on due to the vast selection of actually good music. With the Psyonix-owned game going free-to-play on the Epic Games Store later this month, new and improved music featuring Monstercat is a pretty good way to celebrate

Monstercat songs are featured in the fan-favorite "Rocket League Radio" music playlist; the tunes are typically enjoyed in the main menu and other in-game features

Rocket League Radio debuted in June of 2017 - just over 3 years ago. As we move into the new era of Rocket League, looking at the original queue of songs is quite nostalgic. Including absolute bangers like Tokyo Machine and Rogue Fury made Rocket League ahead of its time... while in 2020 you've got games like Fortnite that play Juice Wrld, Lil Baby, and Drake on actual car radios

See the full list of original songs here

Today, Rocket League announced yet another thing to hype up the transition to free-to-play: Monstercat remixes. Later this month, eight new Monstercat original remixes will be included into the song pool, with each song drawing inspiration from the most enjoyed Rocket League toons

The full list of songs (and their respective originals) includes:

  • "ROCK IT VIP" — Tokyo Machine
  • "Silhouette" (Feed Me Remix) — Bad Computer feat. Skyelle
  • "From Here" (ATTLAS Remix) — CloudNone
  • "Outbreak" (Fox Stevenson Remix) — Feint feat. MYLK
  • “Shiawase VIP” — Dion Timmer
  • “Horsepower” (F.O.O.L. & TOKYO ROSE Remix) — MUZZ
  • "What Are You Waiting For VIP" — Stonebank
  • "Walking On The Moon" (Bad Computer Remix) — Infected Mushroom

You can also listen to the playlist anywhere you already listen to music. Head on over to Monstercat's website where you can be redirected to Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, or YouTube

Every new Psyonix blog post is getting me increasingly excited for the free-to-play arrival. From overhauled trading updates to increasing player availability, the developers seem to be taking Rocket League to another level

I've been an avid Rocket League fan since 2016 when the game was relatively new and way less popular. To see us get so far - with so many more people bound to start their Rocket League journey - makes me really excited for the future

Until then, we'll be reporting all the juicy details from the sideline


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