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Twitch Rivals Rocket League announced October 8th

Twitch just announced the newest Rival series competition: Rocket League Showdown

Twitch Rivals is a semi-competitive tournament series which covers numerous titles spanning from League of Legends to Fortnite. This week, Twitch Rivals takes a trip to Rocket League

  • Date: October 8th
  • Europe Event: 1PM EDT
  • North America Event: 5PM EDT
  • Event Type: Rocket League Showdown (competitive & creator event)

In contrast to the previous Twitch Rival Rocket League event, Thursday's competition will feature Europe for the first time. A North America exclusive Twitch Rivals event was held in June which left out a big pocket of the community

Psyonix community manager Devin Connors confirmed that both creators and competitive players will be taking part in Twitch Rivals. "Some of your favorite creators and pros will be in the mix!" he exclaimed on Twitter

Some players have already hinted their participation in Thursday's event. While SSG Widow already confirmed her attendance, veteran Rocket League creators Lethamyr, SunlessKhan, and MustyCow are also looking forward to the event

All aforementioned players competed in the previous Twitch Rivals Rocket League event that took place in June

While the exact tournament format hasn't been disclosed yet, we can make some pretty accurate conclusions given the current context

This June, Twitch Rivals Rocket League was a 16 person event where two team captains created 2 teams of 8. These teams elected players to compete in a multitude of mini-events

Whoever had the most points at the end won the grand prize of $17,000, while the second place team still walked away with a respectable $8,000

Last year, team "Left Twix" won with Kronovi leading the helm. They defeated team "Right Twix"... Talk about subtle advertising deal

Here's what viewers could expect to come up in the event:


  • 16 Players
  • Custom Training Course
  • Top 2 Become Captain

Player Draft

  • 2 Captains Draft Players
  • Snake Order Draft
  • All Players will be Drafted

Crew Battle:

  • Teams compete in a variety of Rocket League Game Modes
  • Each Crew Member must participate in a minimum # of games
  • Game mode participants are chosen "blind" (aka not revealed until it's time to compete)
  • Players may not play the same game mode twice
  • All players are required to stream.

We'll update you on any additional tournament details. As is customary for Rocket League tournaments, Fan Rewards will be active on the /TwitchRivals channel

Make sure to link your Twitch and Rocket League accounts here and keep the stream open for a chance at in-game rewards!


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